Woodcarving & Bronze Sculpture Showcase 
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Taos The Memory by Terry R. Wolff

Presently offering a collection of woodcarvings and bronze work from Taos Sculptor, Terry R. Wolff. 
All the pieces offered below are one of a kind except for bronzes. 
The Taos Spirit Carving Series offers a variety of spiritual and religious subjects.  The subjects include: Angels, Buddha, Crosses, Holy Family, Madonna, Mother & Child, and others.

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Flying Dragon

Flying Dragon
Artist: Terry R.Wolff
Carving No: 0002
Material: North Eastern White Pine
Size: 16" by 42"
SKU: WC-0002-TRW
Price: $1,500

Contemplating America
Contemplating America

Contemplating America
Artist: Terry R.Wolff
Carving No: 2375
Material: Eagle Head, Black Walnut with Bronze Indian Head Inset 
Size: 9" tall approx.
SKU: WC-2375-TRW
Price: $4,400.00

The Memory
Taos The Memory

Taos, The Memory
Artist: Terry R.Wolff
Carving No: 6657
Material: Pine, Sugar
Size: 29" x 36"
SKU: WC-6657-TRW
Price: $5,400

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Rio Grande View

Rio Grande View
Artist: Terry R.Wolff
Carving No: 6658
Material: Mahogany & Pine
Size: 28' x 37"
SKU: WC-6658-TRW
Price: $3,600

White Eagle
White Eagle

White Eagle, Man of Vision
Artist: Terry R. Wolff
No: 2357
Material: Bronze mounted on walnut base
Edition Limited to 23 
Size: 12" Tall
Description: Chief White Eagle with headdress which evolves into
the head of an eagle.  
SKU: SCU-2352/60-TRW
Price: $5,400.00

The Holy Ascension

The Holy Ascension

Artist: Terry R.Wolff
Carving No: 3733
Material: Southwest Juniper Slab
Size: 12.5" by 42"
SKU: WC-3733-TRW
Price: $1,500.00